Cosmetic Dentistry For Timid And Reluctant Patients

For an estimated 15% of American citizens, dental phobia is a very real concern. For these folks, even a routine six-month checkup presents a significant issue. That makes more elaborate cosmetic procedures feel like they're completely out of the question.

However, if you're one of the many people who are both unsatisfied with the look of your teeth and a bit scared of the dentist, take heart! There are a number of modern cosmetic procedures that are both effective and simple.


In the past, dental fillings weren't considered a cosmetic improvement. The way dentists were forced to use unsightly metals to fill the areas harmed by decay created a shiny, unnatural look. However, modern fillings are a completely different story.

To begin with, advances in local anesthetics have made it possible to create a pain-free experience for patients who receive fillings. Also, modern materials allow dentists to create fillings that mimic the appearance of your natural teeth. Because of these improvements, fillings--while not typically elective procedures--are often chosen to replace existing metal fillings for simple and effective cosmetic improvements.


There are a variety of over-the-counter products available for personal tooth whitening. That said, the most effective, convenient, and safe method of improving the color of your teeth is through additional info about professional services. When utilizing professional whitening services, the two most common options are:

  • Trays
  • Laser procedures

In the past, whitening required hours in the dentist's chair and numerous repeat visits to see results. Today, even tray whitening has become so effective that it can whiten your teeth by ten shades in a single hour of treatment. This makes it accessible by even the busiest--and most timid--patients.


Veneers have always been a fantastic way to correct significant cosmetic issues with smiles. Basically, a porcelain fitting is created that covers your original tooth--creating a completely new appearance. Dentists are not limited to the natural appearance of existing teeth when utilizing veneers.

The major drawback to veneers in the past lied in how they were fitted to patient's mouth. A bit of the original tooth had to be removed in order to provide a solid fit for the new veneer. This procedure, while not typically painful, was often time consuming and costly.

In today's practice, veneers are much more useful. In fact, the amount of enamel that is removed when applying veneers is often less than one millimeter. On top of that, there are minimal prep veneers that are only attached to the front of teeth--further reducing the need to alter your original teeth. 


The key to having a beautiful smile is straight teeth. In the past, braces were almost a rite of passage for adolescents progressing into adulthood. The bulky, cumbersome wires were difficult to clean, painful to wear, and unsightly--to say the least.

Technology has begun to change all that. Traditional braces are sleeker, more comfortable, and more effective than their older counterparts. Life with braces is no longer filled with painful adjustments and months of pain. Because of this, even adults who rarely considered braces in the past are drawn to them in larger numbers than ever before.

However, for those who still don't relish the thought of the way braces look, many clear alternatives have begun to come available. These braces are almost impossible to notice through the course of a regular day. Also, many of these products are designed to be removed at night--giving patients and their mouth a break.

It has never been easier or more comfortable to take advantage of cosmetic dental procedures. No matter how deep your fears of the dentist are, your experience with your cosmetic dentist will likely be quicker and more comfortable than you ever thought possible.