4 Fast Pain Relievers To Use On Your Toothache

From tooth decay or an injury to the mouth to an underlying infection in your gums, there are many causes of toothaches. While this pain may revolve around a broken or infected tooth, the pain can radiate through the entire mouth, jaw, and head. In many cases, this pain is so severe it can lead to emergency care at a hospital. Although treating and repairing the cause of the toothache is imperative, finding efficient relief is necessary. Using this guide on natural, at-home pain relievers, you can find fast relief for your toothache before undergoing treatment from your dentist.

Olive Oil

When your tooth or mouth begins is hurting, head to your pantry and pull out the bottle of olive oil. Olive oil is not only a staple for cooking many favorite dishes, but it is also a great option for reliving tooth pain fast. Olive oil's anti-inflammatory properties will reduce the swelling of your gums and the pain of your toothache.

To use, add a few tablespoons of olive oil to a pot on your stove and bring to a boil. After a few minutes, remove the pot from the stove and allow the oil to cool to slightly above room temperature. With clean hands, massage the warmed olive oil directly onto the gums and problem tooth. Allow the olive oil to soak into your gums and tooth, preventing further inflammation and reducing pain.


Many prescription medications will numb your ache quickly, but these medication will cause numerous side effects. Thankfully, placing an ice pack on the sore area of your mouth offers the same relief in a more natural manner.

Add a few cubes of ice to a plastic bag and place on the jaw near the toothache. Hold the ice pack in place for a minute or two before releasing. After a few minutes of holding the ice pack in place, your jaw will become numb to the pain.


Infections can develop quickly after you break or lose a tooth. Not only are infections dangerous, but they may also form a pus-filled pocket, or abscess, in the mouth. In many cases, an abscess will result in a deep, throbbing pain in the infected tooth, jaw, and head, so removing the germs and bacteria from the mouth using a salt-water solution is smart. This solution will reduce bacteria in the mouth while also strengthening your immune system, healing infections and reducing pain.

In a glass, combine the following:

  • 8 ounces of water
  • 1/8 teaspoon of salt

Mix with a spoon, ensuring the salt dissolves into the water before using it to rinse your mouth. Swish the salt-water solution around in your mouth a few times a day. Be sure to rinse your mouth afterwards with plain water.


Fresh garlic contains natural antibacterial properties, which can prevent or treat infections associated with your toothache.

To improve your infection and reduce the pain in your mouth, peel a fresh clove of garlic before cutting off a small chunk. Place the garlic chunk inside the cheek nearest the location of your pain. Allow the garlic to remain inside your cheek for 30 minutes before removing and rinsing out your mouth.

The juices from the garlic will seep into your gum line, killing the bacteria causing your infection. If you do not have garlic at home, consider using a raw onion, which offers the same benefits.

While these natural treatments will not cure the underlying cause of your toothache, they can reduce the pain and swelling. Using one of these natural options, you can reduce your toothache pain, but be sure to schedule an appointment with a clinic like Rose City Dental Care as soon as possible.