Sedation Dentistry Is A Great Option For Kids

Getting a cavity filled is not a lot of fun, but imagine how a child feels when going through a procedure like this. Kids do not understand why this needs to be completed, and kids can often be scared to go through with a dental procedure. In addition, kids are not great at sitting still when they are uncomfortable or unhappy with a situation. Because of this, you should talk to your child's dentist about sedation. Sedation can be a great option to help your child get through a routine dental procedure, and here are three benefits this offers.

Sedation helps a child sit still and feel more comfortable

Sedation is something offered to people of all ages during dental procedures, and it is designed primarily for comfort. People that have fears of dental work may avoid going simply because they are too scared, but they may find some relief from this through sedation. Kids can benefit in the same way, and the use of sedation is often necessary to help a child sit still through a dental procedure.

With sedation, your child is likely to feel happy, comfortable, and totally relaxed. He or she will most likely not even realize what is going on, and the child will probably forget about the entire procedure afterwards.

It is completely safe

You should also realize that sedation is completely safe with kids, and there are several common options. The first is a syrup the child will drink when arriving to the clinic. This medication will cause the child to relax to a point where he or she almost falls asleep.

A second option is nitrous oxide, which is a gas that is also totally safe. The dentist will place a breathing mask over the child's nose to receive the gas, and the child must keep his or her mouth closed to breathe it in. Nitrous oxide is also very effective at helping people relax, and it can even make people so relaxed and happy that they burst into laughter. This is why many people call this laughing gas.

It helps prevent dental fears and phobias

Dental anxiety is one of the top reasons people avoid visiting the dentist, and this is often the result of a bad experience at a dentist. The bad experience might have been from a recent experience, or it could have been from a visit a person had with a dentist during childhood. In any case, you can help your child avoid developing these types of fears by doing all you can to make sure the visits go well. Allowing the dentist to use sedation is ideal for this purpose.

Sedation is a great option for people of all ages, and it is especially helpful for kids and adults with dental fears. If you have questions about this, call a dental clinic, like All About Smiles, today.