If You Have These Symptoms, You Need To See A Dentist Now

If you've ever had to deal with sudden pain or other unexpected health issues, you know that they could be signs of an emergency -- or of a temporary condition that you can remedy rather quickly. However, sometimes the signs are clear, and you can't wait to get medical or dental attention anymore. If you have these symptoms, you could need to see a dentist fast.

Jaw Swelling

If you notice that your jaw looks swollen, and you haven't been in any fights or accidents that you know would have led to the swelling (and if you were, hopefully you've seen a dentist by now for that), call an emergency dentist. Sudden swelling with no apparent cause could be the sign of an infection that needs to be treated immediately.

On a similar note, if you have had trauma to your face or neck, be alert for delayed swelling or pain in your jaw in the days after the incident. Even if you were fine right after the event and were checked out by a doctor, injuries like infections can show up a little later.

Pain That Won't Go Away No Matter What You Do

Tooth and jaw pain have a lot of different causes, and sometimes you can take care of them yourself. But if the pain won't go away, even if it's minor, you need to get treatment quickly. Again, it could be because of an infection; you could also have a crack that needs attention.

If you suddenly have severe pain, obviously, you need treatment right away. If the pain is mild, though, and occurs only in certain circumstances (like when you eat something cold), it's OK to try something like toothpaste meant for sensitive teeth. But you should still eventually get your teeth checked to ensure the pain really was from sensitivity, and not from another chronic issue that you managed to soothe temporarily. Also, if your remedies don't work within a few days, set up an appointment to see a dentist.

Food Stuck Under the Gums

Sometimes you get a little food stuck right under your gum line, and careful flossing and brushing is all you need to get it out. Other times, though, it's stuck too far in, and you need to get it removed fast. Leaving the food there increases the chances of decay under the gums as well as increases the chances of developing gingivitis.

Your own dentist might have emergency hours, but if not, there are plenty of emergency dental centers nearby to help you. Call a clinic like Family First Dentistry LLC and let them know what's happening so that you can get treatment quickly.