2 Ways To Make The Dentist Appointment Easier On Your Special Needs Child

Taking your child to the dentist can be tricky, especially if they have some special needs. That means that you may have problems with taking them to the dentist when you should. Sometimes it can be easier to avoid the meltdown than it is to force your child to do something that you know will be good for them but will be difficult for them to do. Going to the dentist can be one of those things. But, there are things that you can do that will help your child's visit to the dentist go easier. 

Special Needs Dentists

There are dentists who specialize in working with kids who have special needs. Since those special needs can include sensory issues, the dentist can make sure that they have a room that is good for kids who have sensory issues and who have meltdowns when those issues get too overwhelming to your child. Those rooms can include dimmer lighting, especially lights that might shine right into your child's eyes, fewer tools and machinery out where your child could see them, or pads that could be added to the chair to make it feel softer, if that's what your child needs. The dentist may also keep weighted blankets or aprons that children with sensory issues can use. Those weighted objects give your child some deep pressure which can help calm them down. The dentist may also be able to provide noise-canceling headphones with white noise or music piped through them which can give your child something to listen to, other than the sound of the machinery. 

Practice Appointments

Another way that you can help your special needs child not have problems when they go to the dentist is to have practice appointments. Those practices may take the form of you visiting the dentist's office on days you don't have an appointment, just so that your child can get used to it. You may do it in easy steps as well. For example, one day you may go to the dentist's office and sit in the parking lot. Another day you might go into the office and let your child see what it's like and meet all the people in the office and see an empty exam room. Then your child will be familiar with what the office looks like and the people there, which can make it less stressful when it's time for an appointment.

Making sure that your child gets to the dentist can be difficult when they have special needs. There are ways that you can make it easier for everyone. Contact a clinic, like Goldberg Dental Group , for more help.