3 Tips For A Successful Full-Mouth Dental Implant Procedure

A full-mouth dental implant can be an overwhelming procedure, but the result can transform your smile. If you are considering a full-mouth implant, there are several ways you can increase the success of your procedure.

Start By Addressing Oral And Physical Health

Regardless of the type of full-mouth dental implant you choose, you need to start by addressing any oral and physical health concerns. Some people lose all or most of their teeth due to periodontal disease, so it is essential to rehabilitate your gums before pursuing any restorative procedures. Just as your gum health is important for a successful implant, so is your physical health. Underlying health issues, such as diabetes, heart disease, or autoimmune diseases, may factor in to your ability to have an implant. In some cases, poorly controlled physical ailments, such as diabetes, can make it harder to heal and possibly cause your implant to fail. If you have health concerns, it is important to discuss any medications you take with your doctor and dentist. Some medications can make you more prone to infections and cause setbacks during the implant process.

Choose The Appropriate Implant

You need to choose between a full-mouth implant or implanted dentures. The option you choose might be based on affordability, but also you might prefer an option that is easier. Generally, full-mouth implants will require more extensive procedures to place the screws in your jaw. Once the screws are placed, it may take several months to heal and have the actual implant attached to the screws. Implanted dentures might be a less tedious option, since they might require fewer screws to support the dentures. Some people who want full-mouth implants also need additional procedures, such as bone grafts, so they have bone that is suitable for an implant.

Find Ways To Streamline The Process

There are several ways you can streamline the implant process, depending on the current state of your oral health and what options are available. For example, if you currently have teeth that need to be extracted, you might want to see if your dentist can perform the extraction and place the screws at the same time. When a permanent tooth is extracted, the socket is open and must heal over the coming weeks. If any of the screws can be placed in the socket, this will minimize the additional healing time needed for the implant. Another consideration is implant procedures that can be done in fewer steps. Some dentists perform a one-step implant procedure, which can make the overall process faster.

Full-mouth implants can improve your confidence in your smile and give you a more secure chewing surface over removable dentures. Although the process can be lengthy, implants are worth the investment. For more information, contact a dentist, like those at Pacific Implant Group.