Ways To Improve The Appearance Of Your Teeth

The state of your teeth plays a significant role in the look of your smile. Nevertheless, many people feel that their teeth are not attractive. As a result, their self-confidence may suffer in social settings.

Still, there are a variety of ways to improve the appearance of your teeth. Here are a few of them.

Hide the Blemishes

Teeth that have an irregular shape, dark coloration, or large interdental spaces can be transformed by the concealment of the blemishes. Several cosmetic dental applications are designed to cover the cosmetic flaws of a tooth. Here two of them:


Dental veneers are thin sheaths of tooth-like material, such as resin or porcelain. The dental laboratory sculpts the material into the shape of a tooth that fits the needs of the patient. The veneer is applied to the front of the tooth to hide the imperfections. Veneers can cover large gaps, misshapen teeth, cracks, chips, crooked teeth, and dental discoloration.


A dental crown covers imperfections, as the device wraps around the entire portion of the natural tooth that is exposed in the mouth. Thus, the crown is hollow and fits over the designated tooth. The color and shape of a tooth-colored crown is customizable, so the covered tooth appears natural and attractive.

Remove Food-Based Discoloration

As you eat, your teeth are exposed to the pigments of the food. The colorant particles from the edible item can become trapped on the tooth, gradually discoloring the enamel. Over time, the teeth may appear dark or yellow. 

Teeth-whitening products can remove the discoloration by bleaching the pigments away. The products contain chemical bleaches that can be safely used on the tooth material, such as peroxide. Dentists frequently offer teeth-whitening treatments that they apply in-office. During treatment, they protect the soft tissues of the oral cavity as they apply the whitening product to the tooth enamel. Several treatments may be necessary to thoroughly remove the discoloration.

Straighten Crooked Teeth

The teeth may be crooked because of trauma, natural placement, or a habit that repositions the teeth, such as thumb-sucking. Braces or clear aligners can be applied to straighten the teeth. The devices apply pressure to the teeth to move them into a desirable configuration. 

Braces reposition the teeth using an archwire, brackets, and elastic bands. Clear aligners use transparent trays that fit over the teeth to apply the aligning pressure. 

To learn additional ways to improve the look of your teeth, schedule a consultation with a cosmetic dentist in your local area. Cosmetic dentistry can be a great solution if you want to get a great smile.