4 Questions To Ask Your Family Dentist

Family dentists can provide excellent care to children, senior citizens, and adults of all ages. That's why many people choose family dentists to provide care for their entire family. Family dentists are an excellent source of information about dental health. Your dentist knows you and your family, and they can provide personalized information that you can't find through an internet search. These are four questions that people can ask their family dentists:

1. Are you seeking professional treatment often enough?

In general, people should go to the dentist every six months. However, this frequency may not be enough for certain people. People with severe tooth and gum disease may require more intensive treatment. Additionally, people who suffer from soft tooth enamel may require more frequent cleanings in order to keep cavities at bay. If you're unsure if your current dental appointment schedule is adequate, you can ask your family dentist if you should be coming in more often.

2. Are your home oral care practices effective?

Home oral care is vital for healthy teeth. It's imperative that people of all ages brush their teeth twice a day and clean between their teeth daily. However, poor brushing habits can lead to gum erosion and the accumulation of plaque. Inefficient flossing can also allow plaque and tartar to accumulate. Your dentist can tell from a simple exam whether or not your home care practices are effective. You can ask your dentist for teeth care tips if you'd like to get better at taking care of your teeth. Family dentists are happy to provide patient education for parents and kids alike.

3. Do kids need orthodontic treatment?

Orthodontic treatment can help people who suffer from underbites and overbites. It can also straighten crooked teeth to give kids and adults beautiful, even smiles. Many kids get braces as soon as their adult teeth grow in. As a parent, you may be wondering if your child needs orthodontic treatment. Your family dentist can offer advice based on the findings of an orthodontic exam. If your child needs braces, your family dentist can offer a referral to an orthodontist who specializes in this treatment.

4. Is gum disease a concern?

Oral health pertains not only to your tooth health but also to your gum health. Gum disease can lead to loose teeth and tooth loss over time. It can also cause painful infections. Your dentist can check the health of your gums and offer treatment to fight gingivitis and other gum diseases. 

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