3 Benefits of Self-Ligating Braces

When your orthodontist starts talking to you about possible braces treatment, they might suggest that you try a self-ligating solution. These braces do the same job as metal and ceramic braces; however, they work a little differently.

For example, these braces use a wire and brackets to move teeth just like traditional treatments. They use clips to hold and control the wire rather than elastic ligatures. While this might not seem a big deal, it can make a difference to your treatment.

Why should you consider taking a self-ligating route?

1. You'll Spend Less Time in the Chair

When your orthodontist wants to move your treatment to the next level, they need to change the tension of your brace wires. If you use traditional braces, then they will remove all the elastics so that they can reposition or replace the wires. They then have to attach new elastics again.

While an experienced orthodontist works fast, you'll still have to spend some time in the chair. If you have trouble finding time for orthodontist visits or are an anxious dental patient, then you might not be comfortable during these changes.

If you wear self-ligating braces, then your orthodontist can work even faster. They simply have to open the clips on your brackets so that they can adjust or replace the wire. Once that is done, they simply snap the clips closed again. You'll spend less time in the chair when your braces need to be adjusted.

2. You'll Find It Easier to Keep Your Braces Clean

Elastic ligatures can be hard to keep clean. Food particles can stick on or behind them. These particles aren't always easy to clean off if they stick hard. Sometimes, you might not even see them when you are brushing your teeth.

If food stays on an elastic for too long, then it might damage the tooth underneath as it decays. It might also make your breath smell bad if plaque starts to grow on the elastic.

Food particles don't stick to self-ligating braces as much. Their clips are hard and shiny; you can see food on them more clearly. You'll find it easier to keep your braces clean.

3. You'll Have More Comfortable Adjustments

Whenever your orthodontist adjusts your braces, you'll need some time to get used to the changes. If you wear traditional braces, then your teeth might feel tender and sore until they start to settle into their new positions. Your elastic ligatures might also give you some friction discomfort for a day or two.

Many people find that adjustments are less uncomfortable when they wear self-ligating braces. For example, these braces won't give you any friction discomfort because they don't use elastic ligatures.

To find out more about self-ligating braces treatment, talk to an orthodontist.