Keeping Your Gums Healthy And Why It Is So Important

Your gum health is critical. A general dentistry expert can help you catch any gum diseases while they are still in the early stages when you go in for your dental check-ups every few months. Also, the professional cleaning services offered as part of general dentistry services can help in preventing an infection from developing. If you already have an infection or gum disease, the dentist will administer treatment to prevent further damage.

Why It Matters

Most people don't pay nearly as much attention to their gums as they do to their teeth. As your general dentist will highlight, the gums are very important for the following reasons.

Gums Protect Your Teeth

Not only do healthy gums help to keep your teeth securely in place, but they provide the protection the roots require. Gums act as a shock absorber, cushioning the roots of your teeth from the impact that would otherwise damage the teeth.

Impact on Overall Health and Wellbeing

Fail to take care of your gums properly, and it may not take too long before you need to consult a general dentist because of bad breath and other oral health issues. You may develop an infection or gum disease, which may in turn lead to bad breath.

Growing evidence links oral health and gum disease, particularly to various conditions. These include heart disease, diabetes, and stroke. These illnesses will take a toll on your well-being and will require the intervention of other doctors. Bacteria from your gum infection may easily travel through your bloodstream to other organs and cause disease.

Best Practices for Gum Care

A dental service should be able to share with you the best practices to keep in mind so that you can take better care of your gums. This includes gently scrubbing along your gum line when you brush your teeth. 

Flossing every day also helps to remove food particles that may get stuck in the gum between your teeth. Similarly, a balanced diet can help to promote the health of your gums. Your dentist may recommend medicated rinses and mouthwashes to help with restoring the health of your gums. 


The health of your gums is just as important to your dental health as it is to your overall well-being. Follow the care tips provided by your general dentist, and be sure to get professional help when you notice any signs of trouble with your gums.