4 Cosmetic Dentistry Procedures Your Dental Plan Just May Cover

Some people who want their teeth to look more perfect might be able to go through a few rounds of tooth whitening and end up with a winning smile, but cosmetic dentistry also goes a lot deeper. Despite the fact that most cosmetic dental procedures are completely elective, quite a few oral afflictions might be covered under a dental or health insurance plan. If your misaligned teeth cause you jaw pain or your teeth have deteriorated so much that you require a permanent tooth replacement system, you should ask your dentist if a claim can be submitted to your insurance provider.

Tips To Help You Prevent And Remove Teeth Stains And Discoloration

Maintaining your teeth cosmetically to keep them healthy-looking is a big part of keeping up your personal appearance and is something you can handle in several different ways. In addition to brushing and flossing your teeth daily and attending regular cleanings with you dentist, here are some tips you can follow to keep stains from discoloring your teeth and ways you can remove them by using safe and natural products.

Three Ways Drinking More Water Helps Fight Cavities

"Drink more water!" You've probably heard this advice from multiple health care practitioners, and you've likely read it in a number of health articles, too. Drinking more water can surely help you lose weight and improve your skin, but there's another less-discussed benefit: healthier teeth. Here are three ways that drinking more water throughout the day can help fight cavities and other oral health issues. It exposes your teeth to fluoride.

3 Things To Know About Using Dental Implants To Replacing A Missing Tooth

If you have a tooth that is missing because it had to be extracted, one of your options to replace that missing tooth is a dental extraction. Here are three things you need to understand about dental extractions before you go through with the procedure. #1 It Is A Long-Term Process The first and most important thing to realize is that getting dental implants is a long-term process. It is not going to provide you with an immediate solution or replace your missing tooth instantly.

If You Have These Symptoms, You Need To See A Dentist Now

If you've ever had to deal with sudden pain or other unexpected health issues, you know that they could be signs of an emergency -- or of a temporary condition that you can remedy rather quickly. However, sometimes the signs are clear, and you can't wait to get medical or dental attention anymore. If you have these symptoms, you could need to see a dentist fast. Jaw Swelling If you notice that your jaw looks swollen, and you haven't been in any fights or accidents that you know would have led to the swelling (and if you were, hopefully you've seen a dentist by now for that), call an emergency dentist.