How To Prevent Complications Following Your Wisdom Tooth Extraction

Having wisdom teeth removed is a pretty common, standard procedure. Most people endure the process just fine and heal up properly with no major complications. However, a few do develop post-procedure complications like dry socket and infections. You can't eliminate this possibility entirely, but there are a few things you can do to reduce your risk of complications after wisdom tooth extraction. Don't remove the gauze until you stop bleeding.

Chronic Halitosis: Why Do Onions Linger on Your Breath, and What Can You Do about It?

If you eat lots of onions for good health but suffer from chronic halitosis (bad breath), you may wonder if you should give onions up to keep your breath from smelling bad. Halitosis can develop from having too much bacteria in your mouth, decaying food particles stuck between your teeth, and a host of other issues. Bad breath can also develop from eating onions. Onions contain unique sulfur compounds that enhance the vegetable's flavoring and scent.

4 Fast Pain Relievers To Use On Your Toothache

From tooth decay or an injury to the mouth to an underlying infection in your gums, there are many causes of toothaches. While this pain may revolve around a broken or infected tooth, the pain can radiate through the entire mouth, jaw, and head. In many cases, this pain is so severe it can lead to emergency care at a hospital. Although treating and repairing the cause of the toothache is imperative, finding efficient relief is necessary.